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Colored Tubes
Colored Tubes
Attract attention with these bright, glossy, Colored Mailing Tubes.
  • Use to identify or categorize different types of documents or mailings.
  • Strong, 3-ply, spiral wound construction.
  • Seal with white plastic end caps included.
  • Sizes listed are inside usable dimensions.
  • Additional Plastic End Caps.

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Item Description
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Color Preview
Colored Tubes
x Length
Per Case
Price Per Case
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2 x 6"Red0.0650 Login
2 x 6"Blue0.0650 Login
2 x 6"Black0.0650 Login
2 x 6"Green0.0650 Login
2 x 6"Gold0.0650 Login
2 x 6"Yellow0.0650 Login
2 x 9"Red0.0650 Login
2 x 9"Blue0.0650 Login
2 x 9"Black0.0650 Login
2 x 9"Green0.0650 Login
2 x 9"Gold0.0650 Login
2 x 9"Yellow0.0650 Login
2 x 12"Red0.0650 Login
2 x 12"Blue0.0650 Login
2 x 12"Black0.0650 Login
2 x 12"Green0.0650 Login
2 x 12"Gold0.0650 Login
2 x 12"Yellow0.0650 Login
2 x 18"Red0.0650 Login
2 x 18"Blue0.0650 Login
2 x 18"Black0.0650 Login
2 x 18"Green0.0650 Login
2 x 18"Gold0.0650 Login
2 x 18"Yellow0.0650 Login
2 x 20"Red0.0650 Login
2 x 20"Blue0.0650 Login
2 x 20"Black0.0650 Login
2 x 20"Green0.0650 Login
2 x 20"Gold0.0650 Login
2 x 20"Yellow0.0650 Login
2 x 24"Red0.0650 Login
2 x 24"Blue0.0650 Login
2 x 24"Black0.0650 Login
2 x 24"Green0.0650 Login
2 x 24"Gold0.0650 Login
2 x 24"Yellow0.0650 Login
2 x 36"Red0.0650 Login
2 x 36"Blue0.0650 Login
2 x 36"Black0.0650 Login
2 x 36"Green0.0650 Login
2 x 36"Gold0.0650 Login
2 x 36"Yellow0.0650 Login
3 x 12"Red0.0724 Login
3 x 12"Blue0.0724 Login
3 x 12"Black0.0724 Login
3 x 12"Green0.0724 Login
3 x 12"Gold0.0724 Login
3 x 12"Yellow0.0724 Login
3 x 18"Red0.0724 Login
3 x 18"Blue0.0724 Login
3 x 18"Black0.0724 Login
3 x 18"Green0.0724 Login
3 x 18"Gold0.0724 Login
3 x 18"Yellow0.0724 Login
3 x 24"Red0.0724 Login
3 x 24"Blue0.0724 Login
3 x 24"Black0.0724 Login
3 x 24"Green0.0724 Login
3 x 24"Gold0.0724 Login
3 x 24"Yellow0.0724 Login
3 x 36"Red0.0724 Login
3 x 36"Blue0.0724 Login
3 x 36"Black0.0724 Login
3 x 36"Green0.0724 Login
3 x 36"Gold0.0724 Login
3 x 36"Yellow0.0724 Login
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